5 Things About Me

Five things you might not know about me.

  1. I wore glasses until the age of 16. This was because my left eye was lazy as a child and it took almost ten years of me wearing bifocals for it to right itself. Nowadays I can still make the eye “wander” but I have more control over it. Here is a photo of me before I got my glasses.


    Me and my lazy eye, circa 1992

  2. When I was in third grade my mom decided to cut my hair into a short “mushroom cut” and the next day in school everyone thought I was a boy. As a result, I spent the next nearly twenty years keeping my hair as long as possible. I recently overcame my fears and cut over 10 inches of hair off and am loving the freedom of short hair.

    Me, post-mushroom cut with my glasses

    My mushroom cut and glasses combo

  3. I have never broken a bone. This may not seem surprising, but I grew up snowboarding, riding horses and dirtbiking; so I think it’s pretty impressive.

    At the start of Tough Mudder, 2013

    At the start of Tough Mudder (I was eager to get muddy), 2013

  4. I can read and write in grade 1 Braille.

    image courtesy of: brailleworks.com

    Image courtesy of: brailleworks.com

  5. After I graduated from TRU, I took off to live with my parents on their boat for 3 months. We sailed from Florida and through the Abacos islands in the Bahamas.

    Steering my parents 47 foot Catalina Sailboat

    Sailing, 2012

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